Twice Fictions

Dear Diary

Genre: GirlxGirl

Characters: Mina, Chaeyoung, Twice

Status: On-going


Original link: Dear Diary

Translator: Myoui Mine [Dira]

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Chapter 1: Was it a Dream?

Chapter 2: The Day We Met

Chapter 3: Glad We Finally Met, Mina

Chapter 4: I Believe in Destiny

Chapter 5: The Thirdwheel

Chapter 6: Nayeon, The Life Saver

Chapter 7: A Day with Satan

Chapter 8: Don’t Go

Chapter 9: Nice to Meet You

Chapter 10: Someday (Nayeon’s Special)

Chapter 11:The Last Straw

Chapter 12: Confrontation

Chapter 13: Birthday Present

Chapter 14: Let’s Stop

Chapter 15: It’s Over

Chapter 16: The Last Page [Final]

Bonus Chapter

The Queenka and The Nerd [One Shot]

Genre: GirlxGirl

Characters: Im Nayeon and Chou Tzuyu

Status: Completed

Author: myouitrxsh

Original link: The Queenka and The Nerd

Translator: Myoui Mine [Dira]